Welcome to Reception class DN


Welcome to Reception class DN at Allerton CE Primary School in Leeds. Here, under the careful guidance of Mrs Duba and Ms Noble, we will blog to the Big Wide World.

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Mrs Duba
Miss Noble

The day a sheep came to visit

It’s not every day a sheep comes to visit school, but that is exactly what happened here at Allerton last week! With our Nativity play fast approaching, Miss Edwards kindly organised for a real life shepherd to visit the children, along with one of her sheep and sheep dog. Nicky, the shepherd, talked to the children about how she looks after her sheep and answered lots of questions that the children had. She brought in some fleeces from her sheep and explained how they are sent away to be washed and used to create duvets. The children enjoyed meeting Pricey the sheep and Pip the sheep dog.

Treasure Hunt

Today the class received a mystery clue about our new topic. Mrs Duba read the clue to the class and the children had to work out where to go to find the next clue. The children visited the school orchard, the scrap shed, the MUGA and the ampitheatre. We found envelopes, which contained jigsaw pieces, at each location. When we got back to class we put them together and realised that we had made an elephant. The children used adjectives such as grey, brown, big, floppy and long when they were describing the elephant.

The Cave Story Cafe

The children really enjoyed our Story Cafe looking at the story The Cave. We started by reading the story which had a really great twist at the end, even the Mum’s and Dad’s found it very funny! The children could then go try some activities linked to the story such as building a cave using boxes, tissue paper and paint or designing their own creature who could live in the cave. A big thank you to all the parents who came along!

Only One You

After reading the story Only One You the children came up with a class pledge which was all about helping and caring for each other. We then wrote a story together to show this and some children volunteered to come onto our ‘stage’ and act it out. Some children then wanted to have a go at writing their own story and chose some their friends to come up and act it out. We have a Helicopter stories big book in our classroom if you would like to see more about it!

Our First PE Lesson

RDN really enjoyed going to the hall for their first PE lesson. First the children got changed in the classroom and put their clothes back into their bags so they didn’t get lost. When we got to the hall the children took off their shoes and socks and went to find a space. We talked about what a space is, having nothing and no one near you. The children then had to listen very carefully to play some different games including Traffic Lights, Miss Noble Says and The Bean Game. In the games they had to negotiate space successfully so they did not bump into anyone else. 

Owl Babies

After reading the story of Owl Babies the children have been acting out the story during our Helicopter stories session, retelling the story using the puppets, making little books about the story and owls and doing some group writing to make a sentence. Owl Babies