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Welcome to Reception class DN at Allerton CE Primary School in Leeds. Here, under the careful guidance of Mrs Duba and Ms Noble, we will blog to the Big Wide World.

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Mrs Duba
Miss Noble

Some Ideas for Easter

Although we are not setting any challenges on the blog or via Mathletics and Reading Eggs over the two week holiday period, we wanted to share with you some ideas and activities for Easter. As some of you will no longer be able to go to church or visit family as you usually would here are some nice ideas that you could do with your children during this time.

Friday’s Maths Challenge

Our last challenge before Easter!

Ask children to copy an AB repeating pattern using any resources you have at home such as lego/duplo bricks, buttons, pom poms, beads, stickers, small toys or sticking shapes onto long pieces of paper. Then get them to have a go at making their own AB repeating pattern. You could add some photos to your Tapestry to show us your patterns. 

What do you notice about the pattern? 

Can you say the colours – red, blue …? 

Tell me about your pattern. 


Can your children progress to copying and making their own more complex ABB or ABC pattern. 

Home Learning

Mrs Duba and I have been so impressed with all the things you have been sharing on Tapestry with us! We can see that lots of you have been completing the daily maths challenge set for you on this blog and also some of the activities that were sent home in your sound of the week books. We have had lots of work on 3D shapes and this week 2D shapes, making instruments, making up dances and making your own weather charts. As well as all this we have seen lots of you coming up with your own ways of learning at home and the best thing about all the things we have seen is that they look like lots of fun! Please keep sharing!

Shape Picture

Emily wanted to share this shape picture with everyone. She found it in one of her books and counted each of the different shapes. It was quite tricky to keep track of which ones she had counted so put a little mark on each shape as she counted. Thank you for sharing this with us all Emilie!

Daily Maths Challenge

Good morning RDN! A new week and a new set of Maths Challenges for you all. This week we will be focussing on 2D shapes.

Go on a 2D shape (flat shape) hunt around your home.  Can you find some real life examples?  How many different real life examples can you find?  Can you write labels for the shapes you have found? You could add some photos to your Tapestry to show us what you have found.

Don’t forget that you have may still have some activities to complete in your home learning book and I have also set you some work to do on Mathletics and Reading Eggs.

Friday’s Maths Challenge

Does every shape roll?   Make predictions (what do you think will happen?).  Which shapes roll and which shapes don’t?  Test out your ideas. What do you notice about the set of shapes that roll and the set of shapes that don’t?

Take some photos and share them with us on Tapestry.

Extra Challenge:

A cube has 8 vertices.  Do all 3D shapes you found have vertices?  Which ones don’t have vertices?